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Jason Verbelli and Searl Technology

Society member Jason Verbelli and Earths International would like to tell you about Searl Technology, but first E.I.R.S. would like to tell you a little bit about Jason Verbelli.

Jason Verbelli is a dynamic force behind the movement to provide mankind with Free energy. He has a passionate and informed perspective on this most fascinating and timely issue of crossing over from our dependency on non-sustainable forms of power into a whole new era of overunity power. Jason is a researcher in magnetism and a physics enthusiast.

You can find some amazing information on him and his work here:

http://www.scribd.com/TheRealVerbz and here: http://www.scribd.com/collections/2573180/Jason-Verbelli-s-Work

You can also check out His youtubes out here:

http://www.YouTube.com/user/TheRealVerbz and here: http://www.YouTube.com/user/TheRealVerbz2

Jason is part of the Searl Team and the work and research of all involved in this section will be updated soon!

Learn why the SEG is the global energy solution and the future paradigm shift.

Professor John R. R. Searl is the founder

of the Searl Effect Technology and the inventor of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG).

With our World in the midst of an emerging energy crisis along with massive and constant environmental damage from forest destruction to ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions

of epic and catastrophic proportions,

Prof. John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy.

Read: http://independent.academia.edu/EarthsInternationalResearchSociety/Papers/1947773/HARMONY_A_CALL_TO_REVOLUTION

The Searl Effect

An SEG video animation of the innermost set of parts assembling.

The Searl Effect was discovered by John Roy Robert Searl in 1946.

Put simply, it is a method of extracting clean and sustainable electrical energy.

The SEG consists of three fixed stator rings that are uniquely magnetized with patterns setup to generate continual motion of similarly magnetized cylindrical rotors. The magnetic rotors or rollers consist of eight segmented components made of the same four layers of concentric materials that make up the stators. The rollers have both freedom of spin and rotation around the stator which generates both mechanical and electrical power.

The SEG is an ‘open system’ of energy conversion that is in accordance known thermodynamic laws; particularly as it may apply at the quantum level. The open energy cycle of the SEG enables it to function both as a prime mover of mechanical rotors, but more so as an electrical generator that continuously interacts and processes energy from the natural environment.

Incidental effects includes a halo of negative air ionization or plasma, vacuum by extreme electrical charge, cooling temperatures of both device and the local environment; also gravitational and inertial anomalies under specific conditions.

The Searl Effect is based on magnetic waveforms that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings.

Energy conversion while operating involves processing of random quantum fluctuations and kinetic energy within the atomic lattice into coherent currents of electron pairs formed between two-dimensional boundaries of different type materials. Therein between surface boundaries, the Quantum Hall Effect of a strong pulsing magnetic field are electron transformations (compression) that dramatically decreases the device temperature with increasing mean free paths (conductivity) due to the increase in fermion pair formations or bosons tunneling through all of the concentric material layers of the Searl Effect Generator.

Energy out of the environment is typically chaotic but pervasive at the quantum level and we all feel it in part as ambient temperatures, but this is just one source of ambient energy within the electromagnetic spectrum that is in a random state and is readily utilized by the SEG. It is in effect an unbiased solid state magnetic diode that can effectively turn ambient energy into asymmetrical electron motion out of randomness into a uniform state or non-random state of coherent currents, consisting of high velocity tunneling electrons pairs with photon like characteristics.

Searl Technology effectively utilizes quantum kinetic energy which involves the electron’s inherent ability to absorb and emit energy at the quantum level with an energy cycle that can could compared and explained in layman terms to the hydroelectric dam in principle since both are driven directly or indirectly by entropy of the sun’s radiant energy. A dam builds up potential and kinetic energy by way of cloud condensation that forms rain and fills reservoirs, but does so only after it has achieved a higher energy level by way of evaporation from ground levels. Whereas the SEG utilizes its layer of neodymium as a reservoir of electrons, Teflon layer is analogous to the dam itself, Magnetic layer as the power plant that makes useful work out of the currents and finally the copper layer that compares well to the water outlets that can be seen to jet out at the bottom of the dam; similarly the SEG ram-jets electrons out to the atmosphere. At this point, energy levels of the water jets or in the case of electrons, are kinetically reduced existing the system, but be mindful that these discharges go back to the environment to recharge. Therein, ambient energy restores their energy levels up by way of evaporation of water or as with the SEG, the uniform emission of electrons to the outside air exposes them to atmosphere’s ambient sources of energy or temperature which raises the electron’s quantum energy levels back up to natural ambient levels. Thereafter, the external sources of electrons are attracted back to the relatively positive potential of the electron depleted neodymium layer (reservoir) where the energy cycle continuously repeats. It is a process that effectively strips kinetic energy out the of electrons before they are emitted; no different in principle from the energy cycle of the hydroelectric dam where the kinetics of the water flow are harnessed. In this manner, both ways gather ambient sources of energy that can be processed and made useful for electrical applications.

The idea of utilizing unlimited sources of energy is the subject of various devices and experiments, most of which prove the existence of energy at the quantum level but not a method of creating a coherent and uniform flow of energy to produce useful electrical power. In contrast, John Searl discovered that in order to create a steady and stable flow, all the masses of the device (and the stimulating frequencies) must conform to precise values which are determined by a matrix of coherent numbers he calls the “Law of the Squares”. The SEG’s ability harness the electron’s kinetic energy itself is a unique achievement that represents a new technology working with the highest quality of energy that nature has to offer and it is clean, non-destructive, unlimited and all-pervading.

This all describes a constant source of energy that can be made to flow when the correctly proportioned masses concerned are stimulated by suitable magnetic field frequencies along with the appropriate generator design. The SEG is such a device, precisely constructed to these principles, enabling it to produce stable and useful electrical power that is scalable in size for output requirement.

The size of an SEG can range from the smallest design of about one meter in diameter of 15 kilowatt capacity (which is suitable for most households) to well over a megawatt. They can be setup in tandem to make up a power plant to supply the electrical needs of an entire city.

The Searl Technology has all the hallmarks of a world-class solution for today’s energy needs and it is expected to be the dominant form of energy production of the future.

SEG Progress Update


Adding SMI research capabillites is an essential measuring microscope complete with digital imaging. Brad Lockerman visits to document current SEG redevelopment progress this video update clip, click on the picture or at: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=eLzQxtpRaZU&vq=medium

source: http://searlsolution.com

Jason Verbelli visits Searl Magnetics Headquarters

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