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Klaus Dona joins E.I.R.S.

October 6, 2012 2 comments

Klaus Dona and I spoke earlier this week and he has expressed his wish to continue to evolve his involvement in Earths International Research Society! We have already began talks of various research projects we have coming into 2013, 2014, and beyond. Here on this page you will be able to learn more about Klaus Dona and his contributions to the Historical/Archaeology community over the years. I will also link back to his own website where you can learn much more than you can here and also be provided to buy his books and other materials on years of work spanning over decades.

E.I.R.S. member Klaus Dona:

Klaus Dona is a well known and well respected artifact researcher and museum curator hailing from Vienna, Austria. Klaus has one of the worlds largest collection of evidences in anomalous and unexplained artifacts. Klaus has devoted many years of travel, during which he documented the findings that official science could not explain. Pyramids, the ancient city flooded by the ocean, the inhuman skull design, a huge human skeletons, crystal skulls, carvings and items containing information that they should not contain, maps of Antarctica under the ice, and Antlantydy – physical evidence that humanity just repealed the curtain related to our heritage. The following is a couple of extremely thorough videos of Klaus explaining his work and his research in detail:




To see a detailed page of his work see HERE


For “The Hidden History of the Human Race” PDF click HERE


To visit Klaus Dona’s Official Website Please click HERE


To purchase “Digging For Answers…and Finding More Questions” [Paperback]

Please click HERE

Stay tuned for updates.