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Topographic Anomalies

Bermuda Triangle:

The images used on this page have been enhanced for legibility.

The Bermuda triangle area is home to more than odd disappearances, it is also a haven for topographic, linear features that exist on the topographic map available via Google Earth, provided by NASA.  The lines are all about the same width, approximately 5 miles wide and they continue on the map for many hundreds of miles.  It is uncertain if the features are data glitches or if they are a part of the underwater landscape.

The length of Site 1 below is over 30 miles and the width of the blips is approximately 3 miles:

The red arrow below points to a linear feature in the Atlantic Ocean that continues to the North for over 700 miles.  The width of the lines all seem to be about the same size of 5 miles:

Topographic Site 2, underwater lines

The line below extending North of the Bermuda Island is over 5 miles wide, continues on to the North for 400 miles and is truncated by another line.  Line appears to be raised instead of a depression due to the shadows that can be seen from the ancient volcano underneath Bermuda.  The shadows fall in the same direction:

Topographic line extending from the ancient Bermuda volcano.

Another line that continues on for over 400 miles:

Topographic underwater lines under the Atlantic Ocean.

Theories of the Linear features:

  • Signals caused by ship radar transmitting along the shipping routes.
  • Unknown Fault lines.
  • Data Anomalies.
  • Pollution from large oil tanker vessels.
  • A Gigantic transportation system for the Lemurians.
  • Submarines getting too close to the bottom of the ocean.

Google Earth has recently been updated to a newer version that includes updated topographic image data.  Many of the features have disappeared as a result of this update which implies the anomalies are more than likely data anomalies.

Topographic Anomalies: NC Area:

This rectilinear feature has been spotted off the coast of NC, 22 miles SE of Harkers Island, North Carolina.
NC Underwater Anomalies 1

The rectilinear feature is approximately 17 miles long by 2 miles wide:
NC Underwater Anomalies 2
NC Underwater Anomalies 3

This triangular feature is composed of arms approximately 6 miles long by 1200 feet wide:
NC Underwater Anomalies 4

It is uncertain if the features are a result of processing artifacts or are actually on the underwater landscape.  If anyone has any information on this anomaly site, please leave a comment.  Several e-mails were sent about this site and it has been added to the main anomaly database.

Yucatan Peninsula Linear Features:

Linear features, apparently ancient roads can be seen off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula.  The linear features are approximately 6 feet wide and existed before the area was below sea level.

Yucatan Linear Features Image One

Yucatan Linear Features Image Two

Yucatan Linear Features Image Three

Yucatan Linear Features Image Four

Yucatan Linear Features Image Five

Yucatan Linear Features Image Six

Egypt- Possible Egyptian Pyramid Complex Site:

This mound is approximately 150 feet wide and has a distinct square center which is very unusual for a mound of this size and it almost seems pyramidal when seen from above:
Unexplained Features: Egypt- Site 1

Enhanced Image reveals 4 distinct sides and a truncated top.:

Enhanced Image- Unexplained Features: Egypt- Site 1

The ruins of the ancient town of Dimai are SE of this site which is dated to the Ptolemaic Period but it was built on top of an earlier neolithic settlement.  It’s Greek name means ‘Island of the Crocodile-god’ and is referred to as Dimeh of the Lions in Egypt.

The color of the mounds is dark and is similar to the material composition of Dimai’s walls which are made of mudbrick and stone.

The average size of the 3 mound features is approximately  68 feet.  Notice how the alignment of the mounds is very similar to the alignment of the Giza pyramids in Cairo.  However, the larger, truncated mound feature is not aligned to true North which is another unusual characteristic of this site.
Unexplained Features: Egypt- Site 2

Atlantic Ocean Gridded Site:

Site is approximately 104 miles long by 77 miles wide.  The gridded, rectilinear lines are approximately 2 miles wide.  It is uncertain if the gridded lines are actually a part of the ocean floor topography or if they are a result of shipboard sonar or data collection methods associated with the creation of this combined satellite altimetry and shipboard bathymetry topographic map.  However, the current information does point to the data collection methods as the primary culprit.


Underwater Topographic Mound Anomalies, California:

An interesting mound area can be seen on the topographic data off the coast of California.  Hundreds of “mound-like” features are clustered close to each at approximately 20 miles from land, heading due west from the shoreline. The closest city is Salinas, CA.  The features all seem to be a similar width of around 500 feet.

Topographic Mound Features: CA Area 1

Topographic Mound Features: CA Area 1

Topographic Mound Features: CA Area 2

Topographic Mound Features: CA Area 2

If you have any information on the feature in question, please send us acomment via e-mail or post a comment to this article.

Source: http://www.googleearthanomalies.com/Anomalies/tabid/56/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/32/Default.aspx

  1. Jackie Craig
    September 24, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    I’ve been fascinated by the Atlantic Ocean Gridded Site above, ever since it was announced. It was the very next day that a hurried denial of it being an artificial feature came out, the story being that it was produced as the result of the survey techniques (which don’t seem to be common elsewhere). As I am not a scientist I cannot ascertain the truth of this, can anyone enlighten me? Looking at the surrounding features, there is a faint linear feature (a road?) leading to another, but more sharply defined, linear feature. The more defined feature leads to another gridded area lying to the south west of Madeira. If sea levels did rise rapidly 12000 years ago, it is quite plausible that a lot of archaeology is underwater, but there seems little mainstream research in this area.

    • January 28, 2014 at 4:50 pm

      The best way of controlling your way of understanding things that has been created is science. When you say “I am not a scientist” you already have doubt about the quality of your thinking over the ones of “specialist”. So science has been created to overall other ways of identifying realities. Have no doubt in your way of seeing. Because if you consider more the others answer just because they say they are “scientists” and you are not, you might loose a good explanation, full of common sense that you have, for the acceptance of an explanation that is coming for some unknown interest of people that runes science. Remember Church said Earth is flat. At that time science was not an instrument of mass manipulation. Today Science is what the Church was back then. Have no fear to speak your mind.

  2. June 29, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    Well said Andre!!!

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