Geophysical Assessment and Investigation Association is a division of Earth’s International Research Society. As a field unit we are able to travel the globe in services of our clients. We provide planned and emergency geophysical analysis services world-wide as well as provide complete and accurate geophysical analysis up to 30+ meter in depth. Our technology employed and techniques used is far superior in data acquisition and data processing to other companies offering GPR applications towards geophysical reporting processes.

Most GPR servicing companies can offer, at the most, 10-15 meters of depth penetration, and even then the processing power and data acquisition forces accuracy to dip out at usually around 8-10 meters. We are able to confidently produce completely accurate 3-D “publication-quality” results and reporting at depths of 30-40 meters very comfortably within 24 hours of project start time. In limestone we are able to produce accurate results up to 60 meters. If you are in the industry, or have been talking to others about current GPR capabilities, then right now you are probably wondering how we are able to create such results that double and triple the capabilities of even the most reputable GPR companies today…

…Completely different technology, that’s how. 

Almost every geophysical servicing entity on earth employs an electromagnetic “pulsed” technique that helps them to arrive at their geophysical conclusions and analysis’s.  In our opinion this is a great technique that has be the industry standard for many decades now, but we also recognize that this technique is slowly becoming a thing of the past as humanity becomes more technologically advanced. As well we also recognize the technology currently available to create a greater amount of data acquisition within a much less bulkier system than the ones most GPR companies employ today. Sometimes these bulky, but powerful, systems can be inefficient and only applicable to certain types of terrain, usually being only useable upon flat terrain. So we started looking at other employable techniques and technologies including aircraft landing radar technologies used for military and civilian operations, and considering their development in GPR applications. What we found is something called Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave radar (FMCW). This is a completely different radar technique than the “pulsed” method currently being used by all the big names in the industry and is based on completely different principles. FMCW radar technologies has been proven to be far superior than the “pulsed” method and in terms of GPR capabilities and geophysical analysis…it is the future. And we are among the first to employ such a method in ground penetrating radar applications. 

FMCW technology enables us to offer a slightly lesser cost than our competitors, but offer results at much greater depths of penetration and with greater resolution at all levels of depths. We simply have superior analysis capabilities. We have done the research and nothing compares. If any GPR operator/company can not produce high-resolution 3D “publication-quality” analysis results at depths of 1-30 meters for you within 24 hours, then you are talking to the wrong people. We can produce ultra high-quality reporting of sub-surface analysis results at 1-30 meters everyday of the week. We can even produce your results within 24 hours from the moment we begin any contract. All at a fraction of the cost. There is no one that offers what we offer. We are confident you will understand the value we can produce after we complete just one of our geophysical analysis reports one time for you or your company.


Our applications include, but are not limited to:


  • Sub-surface research up to 30 meters


  • Pre-excavation Archaeological mapping of shallow to deep sub-surface features


  • Tomb Location and underground structure profiling


  • Cemetery scanning/Grave location


  • Locating Voids, Tunnels, or Caves and Cavities


  • Law Enforcement and Forensics


  • On-going Archaeological excavations


  • Military and Security applications


  • Underground Anomalies


  • Construction Planning


  • Locating of valuable artifacts


  • Underground waterflow


  • Locating of ancient mines


  • Treasure locating


  • Deep sub-surface imaging, mapping, and 3D modeling of any terrain


  • Underground Research, Scanning, and Exploration


These are a few actual examples from this FMCW Radar device:


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  1. enki
    May 1, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    ¿porque han tenido que poner el logo del OJO en esto también?, los homos no tienen visión monócula al menos no los de esta tierra, por fabor no usen mas este emblema de la logias y lobbys de poder que están a la orden de zion…

  2. enki
    May 1, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Why they have had to put the EYE logo on this too?, No vision homos monócula at least not of this earth, do not use this emblem more lodges and power lobbyists are the order of zion …

    • July 23, 2013 at 10:12 am

      Hi Enki, sorry I just thought it looked cool for the company. Still do. This image is also on the machine I use in the field because it can see very far into the ground, so I just thought it was fitting 🙂

  1. May 12, 2013 at 10:01 pm

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