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Dr. Konstantin Meyl – The man they call “The New Tesla”

Dr. Konstantin Meyl!

The man they call “The New Tesla”

Earths International Research Society would like to introduce you to one of our society members Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl. His research of field theory and scaler waves is bringing a better understanding to the explanations of Tesla’s ideas and the way he saw the universe. He, with your help of spreading the word, may re-revolutionize science with picking up where Tesla left off.

Nikola Tesla was the biggest scientific genius in the last century. Today there is Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl from Villingen, Black Forrest, Germany. He has not only organized a revival of Tesla but developed his research to mindboggling levels. He detected that every vortex has a counterpart, a so-called potential vortex, being able to form matter. He shows that electrons, protons, neutrinos etc. are double vortexes, without needing a postulate. By that he proves that there are two more types of waves besides the already well-known electromagnetic wave (Hertz 1888). Tesla (1899) detected the electric scalar wave and Meyl the magnetic scalar wave, giving access to free energy, huge over-unity effects. The magnetic scalar wave, as an aspect of the neutrinos and therefore being faster than the speed of light, is used in all biology, so Meyl can explain how the DNA is sending information and energy as an antenna using a DNA wave.

He describes what electro smog is and how we can avoid this. The cell phone industry, the TV/radio and computer industry and the car manufacturers could revolutionize their products by using scalar waves instead of electromagnetic waves, because they are more healthy, use less energy and have one dimension more to transport information.
And finally Meyl found the unified field theory, which scientists the world over have searched a long time for. Even Einstein himself did not succeed because, as it turns out, he trapped himself in the wrong information that nothing is faster than the speed of light.

In his books, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl develops a self-consistent field theory which is used to derive at all known interactions of the potential vortex. Instead of the normally used Maxwell equation, Prof. Meyl chooses Faradays law of induction, as a hypothetical factor and proves that the electric vortex is a part thereof. This potential vortex propagates scalar-like through space and is a longitudinal electric wave whose properties have already been established a century ago by Nicola Tesla. This phenomenon can now be studied and examined thanks to a fully functional replica designed by Prof. Meyl.

Prof. Meyl’s field theory is non speculative and enables new interpretations of several principles of electrical engineering and quantum physics. This leads to feasible interpretations of experimental observations which to this day have not been possible to explain via existing theories. For example, quantum particle characteristics can be calculated when interpreted as a vortex. The dielectric loss of a capacitor emerges as vortex loss. Likewise a number of neutrino experimental results can be explained when the neutrinos are regarded as a vortex. Neutrino power is available as an inexhaustible form of energy due to a remarkable overunity effect. In consideration of environmental sustainability, significant advances result by means of this revised theory regarding today’s electromagnetic pollution.

The presented theory is based on an extension of the Maxwell theory and as such is a special case scenario that does not affect classic physical laws which remain in force.

In the enhanced view of potential vortex, the physical comprehension becomes more objective. Just as Einstein’s theory, the Meyl theory explains not only interactions but temperature, to date inexplicable via conventional theories.

Prof. Meyl has written numerous books. He lectures at the Technical University of Berlin, University of Clausthal and at the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen. In his end-of-week seminars it is possible to become familiar with the potential vortex, the objective vortex theory and to converse with Prof. Meyl. The dates are available on this site.

For in-depth information please refer to Prof. Meyls professional articles and recitations. Available for purchase on this website are books, videos and the remarkable proof of concept transmission-kit.

Prof. Konstantin Meyl has detected the magnetic scalar wave. Roughly 100 years ago Nikola Tesla detected the electric scalar wave; both are hushed up because they are linked to free energy. Neutrinos, speeding quicker than light, are an aspect of scalar waves, which can be harvested for free by galaxies, stars, planets, humans etc., giving evidence, that all of them are living entities. In this 3rd interview for White TV Prof. Meyl gives vital information for physicists, astronomers, astrologers, geologists and free energy researchers on how the universe is build up with neutrinos and how to catch them. 2006 Meyl was able to predict an earthquake in connection with a solar eclipse, because he knew of the Moons focusing of neutrinos. He describes why Kepler’s law is not fitting for the stars movements in a galaxy and why dark matter and string theories are useless nonsense.

Prof. Konstantin Meyl, todays Tesla, is explaining his research in biology. He detected that our whole body works with scalar waves, that the DNA transports information and energy with a magnetic scalar wave, that the nerves transport scalar waves, that the nodes Ranvier detected indicate a standing, longitudinal wave = scalar wave and that bio resonance medicine and homeopathy use scalar waves.
This interview is extremely important for doctors, because Meyl has found the missing links in how the human body is functioning. But it is also important for teachers to understand, why the kids have ADHD and difficulties to learn. Electro smog is explained and how we can get rid of it. Victims of tinnitus and mind control can learn a lot, why they are suffering and how they could improve their situation.


(peer-reviewed = *reference)

about potential vortex:
*reference: K. Meyl: About Vortex Physics and Vortex Losses, Journal of Vortex Science and Technology, Ashdin Publishing, Vol. 1 (2012), Article ID 235563, 10 pages doi:10.4303/jvst/235563
Faraday vs. Maxwell

reference: K. Meyl: Faraday vs. Maxwell, Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference, Washington DC 08.11.2003, IRI
reference: K. Meyl: Neutrinolysis, the alternative splitting of water, the natural source of energy, Fuel Cell Departement, invited by the Argonne National Laboratory, July 26th 2004
reference: reference: K. Meyl: Neutrino Power and the Existence of Scalar waves, 2004 Extra Ordinary Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, UT July 29-Aug.1, Conference Program, page 7
about scalarwave theory:
Wireless Energy Transfer

reference: K. Meyl: Advanced Conzepts for Wireless Energy Transfer, High efficient Power Engineering with Scalar Waves, International Congress-Publications, Weinfelden, 23.+24.06.2001, Jupiter-Verlag, Page 41-49
and: http://www.guns.connect.fi/innoplaza/energy/conference/Weinfelden/
Scalar Waves

*reference: K. Meyl: Scalar Waves: Theory and Experiments, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 15, No.2, June 2001, ISSN 0892-3310, pp.199-205
about Tesla technology:
Scalar Wave Effects ( Zbornik Radova Proceedings )

*reference: K. Meyl: Reproduction of the Scalar Wave Effects of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, Intern. Scientific and prof. Meeting June 28, 2006 Zagreb, Croatia, IEEE+Croatian Academy of Engineering, Zbornik Radova Proceedings, page 95
conference programm: http://www.hatz.hr/TESLA/root_files/programme_enu.html
Field-physical basis

reference: K. Meyl: Wireless Tesla Transponder Field-physical basis for electrically coupled bidirectional far range transponders according to the invention of Nikola Tesla, SoftCOM 2006, 14th intern. Conference, 29.09.2006, IEEE and Univ. Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, ISBN 953-6114-89-5, page 67-78
about scalar wave transponder:
Far Range Transponder

*reference: K. Meyl: Far Range Transponder, Field-physical basis for electrically coupled bidirectional far range transponders, Proceedings of the 1st RFID Eurasia Conference Istanbul 2007, ISBN 978-975-01566-0-1, IEEE Catalog Number: 07EX1725, page 78-89
about scalar waves in medicine and the biological effectiveness:
Cell Biology

*reference: Meyl, K. “DNA and Cell Resonance: Magnetic Waves Enable Cell Communication”, DNA and Cell Biology. April 2012, 31(4): 422-426. doi:10.1089/dna.2011.1415.
Biomedical and Life Sciences

*reference:Meyl, K. “Task of the introns, cell communication explained by field physics”, JOURNAL OF CELL COMMUNICATION AND SIGNALING, Volume 6, Number 1 (2012), 53-58, DOI: 10.1007/s12079-011-0152-0


An overview about books from Prof. Dr. – Ing. Konstantin Meyl. Please click onto the image or the name for further information.
Books in English:
Book DNA and Cell Radio
Communication of cells explained by field physics including magnetic scalar waves
Book Self-consistent Electrodynamics
The big uniform theory waits when newly discovered potential-vortices are introduced to the dielectric and the vector potential is A substituted.
Scalarwavetransponder Scalar wave transponder
Field-physical basis for electrically coupled bi-directional far range transponder
Scalarwavetechnology Scalarwavetechnology
Documentation for the Demo- and the Experimentation Kit to the transmission of electrical scalar waves
Scalarwaves Scalarwaves
From an extended vortex and field theory to a technical, biological and historical use of longitudinal waves.
Edition belonging to the seminar (part 1 – 3) Electromagnetic Environmental compatibility

Books in German:

Buch DNA- und ZellfunkEine feldphysikalische Erklärung der Zellkommunikation über magnetische Skalarwellen
Buch Widerspruchsfreie ElektrodynamikDie grosse Einheitliche Theorie winkt, wenn neu entdeckte Potentialwirbel im Dielektrikum das Vektorpotential ersetzen.
Potentialwirbel_Band1 Potentialwirbel Band 1
Diskussionsbeiträge zur naturwissenschaftlichen Deutung und zur physikalisch-technischen Nutzung, basierend auf einer mathematischen Berechnung neu entdeckter hydrotischer Wirbel.
Potentialwirbel_Band2 Potentialwirbel Band 2
Vorschläge zur Neuinterpretation des atomistischen, des materialistischen und des naturwissenschaftlichen Weltbildes auf der Grundlage elektromagnetischer Wirbel. (Ausverkauft, wird nicht mehr Aufgelegt)
ElektromagnetischeUmweltvertraeglichkeit_Teil1 Elektromagnetische Umweltverträglichkeit Teil 1
Umdruck zur Vorlesung,
Ursachen, Phänomene und naturwissenschaftliche Konsequenzen
ElektromagnetischeUmweltvertraeglichkeit_Teil2 Elektromagnetische Umweltverträglichkeit Teil 2
Umdruck zum energietechnischen Seminar,
Freie Energie und die Wechselwirkung der Neutrinos
ElektromagnetischeUmweltvertraeglichkeit_Teil3 Elektromagnetische Umweltverträglichkeit Teil 3
Umdruck zum informationstechnischen Seminar,
Skalarwellen und die technische, biologische wie historische Nutzung longitudinaler Wellen und Wirbel
Skalarwellentransponder Skalarwellentransponder
Feldphysikalische Grundlagen elektrisch gekoppelter bidirektionaler Weitbereichstransponder.
Skalarwellentechnik Skalarwellentechnik
Mit Auszügen aus dem dritten Band zur “Elektromagnetischen Umweltverträglichkeit”
und Dokumentation für das Demonstrationsset zur Übertragung elektrischer Skalarwellen
Wirbelstroeme Wirbelströme
Doktorarbeit von K. Meyl
Dreidimensionale nichtlineare Berechnung von Wirbelströmen unter Berücksichtigung der entstehenden Oberwellen am Beispiel einer Wirbelstromkupplung
SendetechnikderGoetter Sendetechnik der Götter
Konstantin der Grosse wird von seinem Lehrer in die antike Sende- und Empfangstechnik eingeweiht, im römisch. Kaiserpalast 304 n.Chr.
Neutrinopower Neutrinopower
Johannes von Buttlar im Gespräch mit Prof. Dr. K. Meyl



Energy from the environment

All our technical achievements and knowledge are not enough to explain how the human body and biology in general manage their energetic and informational tasks. Obviously they handle this more efficiently than our technology is able to. When biological systems violate the law of energy conservation, as can be observed at migratory birds which travel enormous distances without losing weight corresponding to the energy they spend, or the fish that continuously swim against the current or even in the process of photosynthesis that can’t be reproduced by technical means, everything indicates that energy is absorbed from the environment, for example from the pervasive neutrino radiation. Neither have we understood the biological information technology, it simply works in a different way than physics and communications engineering teach us. Without doubt the action potential of a nerve conductor consists of electric signals which can be measured at the nerve endings. An electric current flow does not occur because there is no return conductor. And it can’t be an electromagnetic wave due to the lack of antennae structures. Furthermore it is well-known to vibrate transversally, while the nodes of Ranvier indicate that a longitudinal wave is transmitted here. In acoustics the corresponding standing waves are depicted as Kundt’s dust figures. As the distance between the nodes of a musical instrument generates a certain tone, it can only be an electrical longitudinal wave with the corresponding wave length that is passed through the nerves.


Neutrinopower and the existance of scalar waves

Professor Konstantin Meyl has written numerous books and given lectures at universities in Germany. At the conference, Professor Meyl spoke about scalar waves. He also spoke about neutrinos and how they can be used.
Dr. Meyl described how field vortices form scalar waves. He described how electromagnetic waves (transverse waves) and scalar waves (longitudinal waves) both should be represented in wave equations. For comparison, transverse EM waves are best used for broadcast transmissions like television, while longitudinal scalar waves are better for one-to-one communication systems like cell phones.
He also presented the theory that neutrinos are scalar waves moving faster than the speed of light. When moving at the speed of light, they are photons. When a neutrino is slowed to below the speed of light, it becomes an electron. Neutrinos can oscillate between e- and e+. Fusion involves e-, and a lightning flash involves e+. Energy in a vortex acts as a frequency converter. The measurable mixture of frequencies is called noise.
Meyl also mentioned that the earth is expanding at a measured rate of 10 cm a year; therefore it slows the earth`s rotation. He also noted that the earth is now expanding at a quicker rate than it was 2,300 years ago and effects the length of our year.
Meyl talked about Tesla`s scalar wave transmitter in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1899. He transmitted energy 26 miles at velocities greater than light. Tesla measured the resonance of the Earth at 12 Hz. The Schumann resonance of the Earth is 7.8 Hz. Meyl shows how one can calculate the scalar wave of the Earth to be 1.54 times the speed of light. Meyl presented a model that ties the expansion of the earth to be the result of the earth`s absorption of neutrino energy. The ramifications of this model are that neutrino energy can be tapped. He took this the next step and postulated that Zero Point Energy is neutrino power – energy from the field; available at anytime, and everywhere present.
To show the place of neutrinos in conventional science, Meyl noted that the 2002 Nobel Physics prize was in regards to work on neutrinos.
Meyl quoted a 1898 New York Times statement by Tesla that establishes Tesla, the “father of free energy” as also the discoverer of the neutrino.
Language: English

Playtime ca. 65 Minuten


Power Engineering Scalar Field Theory

Faraday vs. Maxwell and Demonstration of Longitudinal Wave Transmission

Do scalar waves exist or not?
Practical consequences of an extended field theory:
* What is the Maxwell approximation? * How could a new and extended approach look like?
* Faraday instead of Maxwell, which is the more general law of induction?
* Can the Maxwell equations be derived as a special case?
* Can also scalar waves be derived from the new approach?
* The experimental proof (Tesla)
Language: English

Playtime ca. 108 Minuten

Experimental Section

Power Kit front view
Power Kit total view
Power KitThis kit enables you to construct an energy transmission line according to Tesla, as it has been demonstrated by us on various fairs and congresses. The engines for an airplane and a ship are enclosed. With a minimum power of 10 watts your imagination is the only limit when choosing the load for the receiver. This device even lights fluorescent tubes at the receiver – StarWars lightsaber like.
Experimental-Kit Experimental Kit
SWG Scalarwave Device
Plane electrical plane powered by wireless transmission of elecrical energy via scalar waves
scalarboat electrical boat powered by wireless transmission of elecrical energy via scalar waves

All information used here has been with the exclusive permission of Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl

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